The Benefits of Working Out with a Weighted Sled

Have you ever seen football players pushing or pulling carts with stacks of weights on them? Or maybe you’ve seen someone at the gym or Crossfit who was pulling tires or some kind of weight. These people aren’t crazy or looking for new forms torture. Instead, they’re training with a weighted sled. A sled doesn’t have to be a cart with giant weights, it can be smaller and you can even buy portable versions to use at home! Whatever kind of sled you use, it is a great way to exercise your entire body to help you tone up and lean out. Here are the benefits of working out with a weighted sled. 

Anyone Can Do It

Weighted sleds can be used by anyone. If you can walk, then you can use a weighted sled. The beauty of a sled is that you can adjust the weight so that it fits your physical needs – it can be as light or as heavy as you need for that day. Since pulling or pushing a sled is so simple, the chances of getting injured while using a sled is also very low. This makes it a great exercise for both young and old. 

Helps You Run Faster

If you are a runner or play a sport that requires running, like soccer or football, then working out with a weighted sled will take you from a good runner to a great runner. Running with weights helps you build power so you can explode out of the gate when need be. The sled will tone your lower body including your core, quads, hamstrings, and calves – all muscles that runners need to be strong so they can run fast. 

Strengthens Muscle

Since you can pull and push a sled, you can work just about any muscle in your body. You can strengthen your shoulders, back, biceps, core, and all of your leg muscles. As a result, you can get a full body workout when using the sled without worrying about overdoing it on the weights and reps. You can also mix it up when strength training, so you don’t get bored. You can push, pull, or move the sled laterally. You can go for longer distances or just use it in short sprints. 

Increases Fat Loss

Using a weighted sled is also a great cardio workout. You’ll get your heart pumping and as a result, burn a lot of calories. If you want to lose weight, try pushing or pulling the sled as quickly as possible. You can even bear crawl while pulling the sled, which is a guaranteed calorie torching workout. Since you’re also strength training at the same time, you’ll boost your metabolism as well. As a result, you’ll burn extra calories after your workout is over. This will help you shed fat even faster! 

Training with a weighted sled will make you a better athlete and boost your performance at sports. It will also increase your strength and help you lose fat quickly. Sled pulling and pushing is relatively simple and can be done by anyone, so it’s a great option to add into your workout routine. Once you start working out with a weighted sled, you may never want to stop!

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