Agility Training Set


  • ✅ IMPROVE STRENGTH, SPEED, COORDINATION AND ENDURANCE | Take your training to another level. Agility ladder training equipment is the secret weapon to increasing speed, while building core strength and stamina—key components for field sports and other physical activities.


  • ✅ ACHIEVE FITNESS GOALS | Our agility speed training ladder and sports umbrella is for anyone looking to improve their health. Agility training offers an easy, fun and affordable way to complete a workout with no excuses. Speed ladders can improve all aspects of sports training. The agility markers can be used for various circuits, helping you to achieve your soccer goal or football targets by improving footwork, speed and coordination.


  • ✅ EASY SET-UP AT HOME OR ON-THE-GO | Use our agility set while traveling for business, on vacation, at home—anywhere at any time. Never miss a training session again. Simply roll out an agility ladder with adjustable training lengths, set up the disc cones and strap the lightweight parachute around your waist. Everything fits in a handy carrying case for transport when you’re done.


  • ✅PERFECT FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS | Whether you’re just starting to exercise or are a trained athlete, our fitness equipment can adjust to your specific needs. Great for training a sports team, for teaching kids to love fitness or for adults who want to improve their cardiovascular health. Use the agility ladder and running parachute for conditioning, testing your skills, warming up or cooling down. Ideal for HIIT, CrossFit or for training in your home gym.


  • ✅WHAT’S INCLUDED | The Agility Training Set includes two Agility Ladders (12-rung and 21-rung), 4 Agility Cones, 8 sturdy Metal Pegs to secure the ladders in place and a Resistance Umbrella that measures 56 inches diameter and offers sufficient resistance. Resistance Umbrella comes with an adjustable belt that fits up to 105 cm.

Agility Training Set

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Looking to improve your fitness skills and bring your A-game every time you step out on the field?

Ready to challenge yourself to increase your speed, endurance and stamina?

The Agility Set is for you! Pack the Agility Ladders and the Resistance Umbrella with you and use them anywhere… on vacation, business trips, the basketball court, empty parking lot, the park or your own backyard.

Top 3 Reasons To Choose Our Agility Training Set:
Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.
This is the ideal training equipment for fitness instructors, coaches, football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse and baseball.  Great for obstacle courses too!

You can complete your workout no matter where you are.
Our Agility Training Set allows you to roll out your workout in the park, on the pavement, in your backyard, while camping, behind your office, anywhere you go.

BONUS Resistance Umbrella helps improve your speed and core strength.
Our agility training package includes a resistance parachute designed to improve strength and endurance.

Need More Reasons?

  • Agility and resistance kits are an athlete’s secret weapon.
  • This training kit requires no partner or coach.
  • You control your workout any time, any place.

    Here’s What You Get:

  • 1 x 12-Rung Agility Ladder 5m
  • 1 x 21-Rung Agility Ladder 9m
  • 8 x Metal Pegs
  • 4 x Disc Cones (20 x 5cm)

– 1 x Resistance Umbrella 56 inches with sufficient resistance
– Carrying Bag

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