Benefits of Vibrating Foam Rollers

You have probably seen people at the gym rolling around on the floor with a big foam tube and wondered what they were doing. It looks like some kind of advanced technique that only serious athletes use. However, anyone with a body should be foam rolling because it helps your muscles and joints work better. Let’s learn more about foam rollers and the benefits of vibrating foam rollers. 

Why You Should Foam Roll


Foam rolling is one of the best things you can do recover from a workout and ensure that you are getting the most out of your gym experience. When you foam roll, you release tension in the fascia, a thin sheath of nerves that covers and connects your muscles. When the fascia gets too tight, it can cause pain and decrease mobility. Not only will your muscles be tight, but your joints will be stiffer too! The latest version of the traditional foam roller is the vibrating foam roller. Adding in the vibration can take your foam rolling session to the next level. Here’s how the vibrations can help you. Some of the benefits of vibrating foam rollers are below:

Makes It Hurt Less


Let’s be real. Foam rolling can really hurt. Sure, it depends on how often you do it and how tight your muscles are, but even the most seasoned roller has questioned their life decisions while using a foam roller at some point. If you are one of those people who can’t stand to foam roll because it’s so painful, then vibrating foam rollers are a great answer. The vibrating motion of best vibrating foam roller can help distract from the pain you experience when rolling tender areas, while still getting the benefits of rolling. 

Helps Release More Tension


The vibration of the best deep tissue foam roller can help relieve even more tension than a regular foam roller. This is because the shaking motion can help passively loosen up the muscles. Vibration therapy has been used by physical therapists for years to help patients with very tight muscles relax. It’s especially helpful for those who have physical disabilities and can’t manipulate their body easily. 

Improves Circulation


The vibration of the foam roller is perfect for improving circulation in your body parts. You can use a affordable foam roller foam roller on just about any part of your body, but it’s mainly for your lower body. These big areas need lots of blood flow to both heal your muscles and give you energy. Increased circulation will also help you feel better and prevent swelling. If you have trouble getting your body warm enough for a workout, you can also use the vibrating foam roller before your workouts to get your muscles ready to work. 

Adding a vibrating foam roller to your arsenal of recovery tools is a great idea. They can help you recover more quickly and loosen tight muscles. When you use your best foam roller for lower back pain, be sure to take your time. When you find a hot spot, or trigger point, spend a few extra seconds rolling over that area. Don’t apply so much pressure that you can’t handle it, but enough that it feels like a good hurt. This will give the vibration enough time to break up the knot and get you feeling better in no time! 

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